Citrix Workspace Environment Manager (WEM) Demonstration

Citrix Workspace Environment Manager (WEM) is a software system that optimises workspace performance, accelerates application delivery and enhances environment scalability for the Citrix Suite.

The demonstration below by our subsidiary company, Virtual Workspaces will provide a high level overview of the entire product to help you gain an understanding of what it can do and the power of the product.

Citrix recently acquired a product formally known as Norskale and integrated the functionality into its portfolio of user experience products. This application is now referred to as Citrix Workspace Environment Manager, it has two distinct functions that focuses on optimisation and management of policies and compute resources on the Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent.

Optimisations from Citrix Workspace Environment Manager are primarily around CPU, IO and Memory usage for applications and system processes. It enables applications that are in focus to always maintain the amount of compute that it requires, whilst background processes are throttled enough to allow them to function but not impact on the overall user experience.

The policy engine enables the use of multi threading within the logon process which Active Directory Group Policy does not support. With this it can increase logon times drastically and allow users to have a better and more responsive experience.

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