Metaphor Azure Engage

The Challenge

Many of the businesses we talk to are in different phases of their Journey to the cloud, some are unsure if public cloud is the right fit and other aren’t sure where to start. Creating a cloud strategy is usually the first step in moving to Azure, which involves spending a reasonable amount of time and effort carrying out analysis, creating a design and planning and prioritising the migration. Although Metaphor’s Cloud Adoption Programme adopts this approach by assisting and accelerating customers transition to public cloud, Metaphor IT believes that there is an opportunity for some businesses to expedite this process and establish an initial presence within Azure with minimal effort. Establishing a basic presence into Azure is a low risk start in leveraging the cloud and sets the foundation for the next phases of your cloud journey whether it is for identity management, proof of concepts, development/test environments, disaster recovery and backups, or production workloads.

Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges. With 54 ever expanding regions, 70+ compliance offerings, and fast feature delivery, Microsoft caters for all your requirements now and in future. Whether migrating your datacentre to Azure, or extend Azure to on premise using Azure Stack for a consistent Hybrid Cloud, it provides the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network.

Introducing Metaphor Azure Engage

Metaphor IT’s Azure Engage program is designed for SMB and Mid-Market companies who are looking to take advantage of Azure capabilities to kick start the transition to the cloud. This is a 3 step program to establish a route into Azure with basic connectivity, identity management integration and essential support services.

Engage Discovery
The first step is to Engage in a discovery workshop where Metaphor will learn more about your business, infrastructure, and applications which will feed into a high level design in preparation for the build phase. This is also a good opportunity to learn more about Microsoft Azure and the capabilities and business value Azure off your business.

Engage Build
Once the high level design is complete and signed-off, Metaphor will work with you to start the build phase. This involves setting up you Azure Tenancy and Subscriptions where required or establishing a Cloud Provider relationship if you already have a Microsoft directory presence via Office 365.

As network connectivity is key when extending your infrastructure to Azure, Metaphor will implement its best practice network design as part of our cloud framework and establish a secure VPN to Azure. This can further be leveraged to scale out services as your transition to Azure mature and potentially utilise advanced networking capabilities such as ExpressRoute.

Next, we will build out the Integration with your domains as well as Identity Management integration with your Active Directory or other 3rd party directory with Azure Active Directory and Office365. Where agreed, this also involves building out disaster recovery for your Active Directory Domain service in Azure using our best practice design for additional resilience.

Finally, Data protection is implemented using your existing backup services, Leverage Azure Backups, or Metaphor IT Multi-Cloud and SaaS backup services to protect your cloud workloads. Additionally, endpoint security is deployed utilising your existing security services or you can leverage Metaphor IT’s Next Generation Endpoint security.

Engage Support
Once the build phase is completed, then we’ll provide you with a handover workshop that will provide you with Azure Basic Administration. Where required, Metaphor Engage Support provides basic Azure Support services to ensure that you have the expertise available for day to day operations, monitoring and support

Metaphor Azure Engage Summary

  • Discovery and Azure Overview Workshop
  • Azure Billing and Cost Management to control your Cloud Spend
  • Basic Network Connectivity utilising Metaphor Cloud Framework
  • Identity and Access Management and Directory integration with Azure and Office365
  • Disaster Recovery of your Active Directory domain in Azure (Optional)
  • Basic Data Protection and Endpoint security where required
  • Azure handover and Managed Support Service (Optional)

Already established in Azure? Take advantage of our range of Microsoft and Cloud services.

  • Azure Optimisation and Readiness Assessments to assist with your next phase of Cloud Transition and Cloud Strategy
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Services to enhance your Business Continuity Plan
  • Azure Managed Services allowing you to concentrate on your business
  • Application Lifecycle Management to transition your applications to native cloud applications.
  • SQL and Server 2008 and 2008 R2 End of Support options.

Download: Metaphor Cloud Engage