Managed Security Services

How can you detect the threats to your organisation, and importantly respond to them, without the resources and expertise?

Cyber threats are evolving, often quicker than our protection capabilities. With new threats appearing daily and more organisations being compromised, can you detect & prevent a cyber attack?

We recognise the challenges many of our clients face and we have created a Managed Cyber Security Service to help solve them. Initially, we will perform an assessment to determine where there is inadequate protection and we’ll analyse your existing technologies to ensure they are as secure as they can be. Next, we will highlight which areas need attention prioritising our recommendations based on their importance relative to the assets they protect and the potential impact on your organisation.

Once we’re happy with your security posture, we’ll start using our unique Managed Threat Detection Service. We combine our vast expertise in security, unparalleled experience in managing on premise, hybrid and cloud architectures with leading security technologies to monitor, detect, respond and adapt to cyber threats within your organisation.

We have invested heavily in our Cyber Team, so they can ensure are systems collect all the relevant security data before our Security Engine gets to work, analysing thousands of logs and events in real-time and prioritising potential threats. Our Cyber Analysts spend their time looking into these threats, determining if a vulnerability exists that we need to address or a malicious attack that we need to stop. Either way, we’ll filter all the noise and alert you when there we have discovered something that needs action.