Specialist Support Services

Metaphor IT has strategic support partnerships with a number of high profile organisations, providing specialist support services to compliment the skills and resources within clients existing support teams. Our team become an extension of our clients support teams, providing additional resources or skills that may not exist within the organisation’s own team.

Our Subject Mater Experts excel in assisting and advising our customers to resolve issues throughout their environments. When a software or hardware vendor is required to get involved, whether it’s a private fix or for further root cause analysis, our multiple vendor accreditations enable us to escalate incidents quickly and easily, whilst being the single point of contact for our clients.

When we on board a customer we want to ensure that throughout the life cycle of the service, the environment is up to date, running at optimum performance and making use of all of the latest features available. As a result, we provide proactive services such as annual health checks and strategy workshops to ensure we not only support our customers but also maintain and enhance their platforms adding value to their end users.

Health Check Service

As a key first step for any of our support or managed service customers we will baseline the environment by carrying out a full health check. This is especially essential if its an environment that we have not built and are required to support. The health check will enable us to gain a solid understanding of the underlying technology and how it is configured. The health check will also enable us to baseline the current state of the environment and make any relevant recommendations for improvement.

Our health check services are also very useful for customers who manage the environment themselves in house. Every 6-12 months our consultants will come on site and carry out a full environment audit and health check. Resulting documentation will give you a set of recommendations in order to ensure your environment continues to remain operational and in a supportable state.

Statistics & Reporting Services

We can provide our customers with regular documented snapshots into their environments. Our bespoke reporting services and accompanying documentation offers great insight and ensure that system performance and stability can be maintained effectively. Error reporting, capacity planning, performance metrics and licensing compliance are just some of the ways in which Metaphor IT focuses on when producing reports for our customer environments.

Our reporting and statistics services are completely tailorable to our customer requirements. Where possible we will endeavour to make use of our customers existing monitoring and reporting services in order to reduce cost and negate the requirement for additional software and support overhead. However if required, Metaphor IT have a portfolio of monitoring and trend analysis tools available.

Periodic Environment Checks

Do you have a mission critical application? Do you find that it is not until Monday morning you hear about issues that have manifested over the weekend?  Here at Metaphor IT we can provide, daily, weekly or monthly checks in order to test your applications and critical services. Should any issues be uncovered, these are immediately escalated with the intention of a resolution being found before users start logging in for the day.

Patch Management

Keeping your environment up to date and patched against threats, bugs and performance related issues is an essential aspect of keeping systems secure and operational.

Our patch management services are bespoke depending on your requirements and the platform you wish to be managed. We can provide a notification only service whereby we keep you up to date with the latest patch and hotfix releases. Right through to a full service with remote testing facilities and quarterly deployment and rollout services.

Product Roadmap & Strategy Sessions

It is far too common that environments are not upgraded or enhanced until the next IT refresh or transformation project. Along with the obvious performance and stability benefits of continuing to work with current systems, there is also the concern of products becoming end of life and as a result, vendor support is removed leaving customers exposed should an incident occur. Aside from the risks, are the increasing enhancements that are usually a result of feature and service packs. Implementing these continue to improve the end user experience and management of the platform.

Keeping your platforms up to date and compliant can also greatly reduce the effort and cost required in order to jump to major releases or new versions.

Our roadmap and strategy sessions along with supporting documentation are specifically designed to avoid such situations, enabling our customers to enjoy the benefits of working on current systems while avoiding the pitfalls of out of date technology.

Proactive Monitoring

Metaphor IT utilise the latest technologies in order to provide remote monitoring capabilities for our customers environments. Our core focus is on service availability and end user experience. Our proactive alerting allows rapid resolution of issues before they escalate impacting your users.

User Experience Monitoring / Reporting

Here at Metaphor IT our definition of monitoring is not just checking whether a server or service is live or the application is launching. For us the key is that the end user had an experience that is acceptable and enables them to be as productive as possible with little or no downtime.

We leverage tools such as Lakeside SysTrack in order to baseline your user experience and ensure that this does not deteriorate over time. The metrics we use to baseline / define the user experience is bespoke per customer and sometimes even as granular as business units.