Citrix App Layering Demo

Accelerate workspace mobility with Citrix Application Layering

Simplify packaging, updating and delivering applications across any hypervisor, cloud, or end user computing platform.

Traditional application management solutions have caused IT many problems, from having to repackage apps for every platform to being incompatible with the cloud—not to mention the strain on IT budgets. Application layering solves these challenges and offers IT the best way to separate apps from the underlying operating system so they can be managed once and delivered from anywhere, to any device.

It has now been a full year since Citrix acquired Unidesk, the pioneer of layering technology that dramatically simplifies application and OS management for organisations of all sizes. Citrix have announced that Citrix App Layering—the new name for what was Unidesk—is a Citrix Cloud service available for anyone to try and for eligible customers to deploy. You can find out what is new in App Layering 4.8 here.

Watch our demo from the Citrix Summit Update event that shows how to create a new version of an operating system layer and a new version of an application layer within Citrix App Layering.

So, what is Citrix App Layering?

Citrix App Layering separates applications from the OS and splits them into three main types of layers, each of which is stored as a virtual disk. The base (OS) layer contains the OS; the App layer is where the application files and registry keys are stored. And, finally, the User layer is where the user data, including profiles, resides.

Citrix App Layering is the only solution that:

  • Layers all of Windows—apps, OS and user profiles
  • Achieves app compatibility greater than 99.5%
  • Enables packaging apps once for on-demand (elastic) or base image delivery
  • Offers app and OS sharing across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments
  • Eliminates golden images and ‘image sprawl’
  • Supports on-demand app delivery for both VDI and XenApp
  • Supports Azure

Are you ready to give app layering a try?

Citrix App Layering is an entitlement to customers of XenApp (Advanced, Enterprise and Platinum editions), XenDesktop (VDI, Enterprise and Platinum editions) and Citrix Workspace Suite with active Citrix Customer Success Services Select (previously Software Maintenance). Even if you are not using any of these Citrix products or services but want to use Citrix App Layering, we can discuss the best available options for you.

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