Citrix NetScaler MAS Demo

End-to-end network and application management, visibility, and automation with NetScaler MAS.

Applications are an essential component of how today’s organisations do business and interact with their customers. As industries have grown more competitive, providing a strong customer experience through your application has become one of the most important ways that an organisation can differentiate itself from its rivals. However, the shift to cloud environments over the past few years has introduced a few challenges and changes for application development. For one, IT leaders face a lack of visibility and control over security and performance as their software becomes more distributed.

NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) is a centralised network management, analytics, and orchestration solution. From a single platform, administrators can view, automate, and manage network services for scale-out application architectures.

Watch our demo from the Citrix Summit Update event that will walk you through NetScaler MAS and demonstrate what you can see on your Citrix Networking estate by using MAS.

Manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your entire NetScaler infrastructure from a single, unified console.

Some of the key use cases for NetScaler MAS are:

  • Reduce operational cost through automated configuration
  • Monitor and orchestrate application delivery from end to end
  • Simplify SSL certificate management

Give NetScaler MAS a try. 

NetScaler MAS from Citrix allows you to regain visibility and control over all your application infrastructure, however and wherever it is deployed. NetScaler MAS is available as a Citrix cloud service or it can be deployed as software. Contact us today to arrange a Free NetScaler MAS Service Trial through Citrix Cloud.

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