The Cloud journey doesn’t have to be long

Few things are harder than growing a business. On one hand, you’re trying to scale your processes, bring in new talent and serve your customers in more sustainable ways. On the other, you’re trying to hang on to the agility and culture that made your small business so special in the first place. It’s a tough balance to find.

The cloud has made it incredibly easy to tap into the kinds of powerful, ultra-secure technology that were traditionally only used by enterprise businesses. But now, it is more affordable and easy-to-use than ever before, growing businesses are using it to collaborate more effectively, work with remote talent and accelerate their projects. With the right cloud road map, you can have less IT baggage and more IT firepower.

Where are you in your Cloud adoption Journey compared to other SMBs?

No Cloud Adoption
Early – Mid Cloud adoption
Mid – Full Cloud adoption
the cloud journey

The Cloud journey is not just about technology, it’s about business outcomes. What does your business care about and what issues can the Cloud solve for you?

  • Lower Costs

    As an SMB, you probably have a tight budget and even though you know your business needs IT, you can’t justify spending the money on it or committing to the upfront costs before seeing the benefits.

    With the Cloud, you get back the control. With our subscription based, monthly operational costs, you only pay for what you use and have the flexibility to scale up and scale down when you need to.

  • Better Security

    SMBs are feeling more vulnerable than ever before with all the media hype around cyber security and that niggling feeling that they need to do more is hard to ignore.

    Security is built into the Cloud so it becomes integrated in the way your staff work rather than a burden. You get access to enterprise-grade security with bank-level encryption, firewalls and 24/7 monitoring to keep your data safe as well as fast business recovery to ensure your staff have minimal downtime in the event of a cyber-attack, fire or even lost device.

  • Less Admin

    SMBs know that teams need to work well together to achieve the business goals. But this doesn’t always happen when data is lost, messages are missed through email or staff work on different versions of a document without knowing it which slows down decision making for both customers and staff.

    These collaboration bottlenecks and broken processes can be resolved with the Cloud. It gives you centralised resources with all files and folders in one place, easy workflows with intuitive ways of sharing, working, reviewing and accessing documents which can lead to fast decision making when everyone is on the same page.

  • Greater Agility

    With the constant and ever changing landscape, SMBs can struggle to keep up. New competitors will disrupt the market, new laws make compliance a constant challenge and the ups and downs of any business make it difficult to plan an IT strategy for all working scenarios.

    The Cloud is dynamic and agile to adapt to any and all situations that your business may be in. Using the Cloud means that you aren’t locked into big purchases or long contracts, you can easily implement a hyper growth or downsizing exercise by opening or consolidating an office.

  • Staff Mobility

    SMBs are now looking to have a significant chunk of their workforce working remotely but this doesn’t work when staff on the road are unable to access critical apps and data from all their devices or they haven’t received the latest updates so find themselves denied access or their systems are lagging and slow.

    Using a Cloud service gives you access to all your files and folders, from any device, at any time and from anywhere, as if you were still in the office. Because the data resides in the Cloud and not on any of the devices, your business is protected against data breaches, lost laptops or stolen smartphones.

To get your journey to the Cloud right, you need the right partner. One that can help you plan your journey, navigate potential risks and hit the ground running. Find out more about how our Cloud Services can help you.