Azure Based Desktops and Apps – Proof of Concept

With hosted desktops and applications from Metaphor IT powered by Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud technologies, you can reduce your infrastructure dependencies and deliver Virtual Workspaces with the flexibility and agility your business needs.
As both a Citrix and Microsoft Specialist Partner, Metaphor IT will work with you to deliver a proof of concept to experience the benefits of Citrix Cloud and Azure Based Desktops.

Key Benefits of Azure based Desktops and Apps

  • Anytime, anywhere, any-device access
  • Scalable and globally available Azure infrastructure
  • Built with full business continuity
  • Burst desktops for contractors and mergers
  • Reduce cost with a predictable OPEX model
  • Single login experience and ease of Integration with Active Directory and Azure Active Directory
  • Centralise access for data, desktops and apps, web and SaaS apps
  • Extend or Migrate your existing Citrix deployment to Azure or any other Cloud
  • Simplify IT management and complexity

Engagement Overview

An initial onsite or remote workshop will ensure we capture your requirements and build a collective success criteria. We will also provide a brief discovery document for you to complete that will capture key POC environment decisions including operating system, applications, identity integration, desktop target location, and any other Citrix Cloud Features you want to include within the proof of concept.

The requirements, success criteria and proof of concept environment is documented including any prerequisites for the Build phase. Once the document is agreed, then Metaphor will confirm the Citrix Cloud Trial environment licenses in preparation for the proof of concept phase.

The Develop phase of the POC is the installation and configuration of the platform based on the documented environment and technologies within the design. Once built, we will walk you through the environment setup and configuration in preparation for testing against the success criteria.

During the proof of concept Metaphor will work with you to continually assess the testing against the success criteria. A review is performed against the testing towards the conclusion of the POC. This will provide us with collective insights into the next stage of your requirements.

Download: Metaphor IT – Azure Based Desktop and Apps