Metaphor Azure Readiness Assessment

Leverage Metaphor Azure Assess for your Azure Adoption
Many of the businesses we talk to are in different phases of their Journey to the cloud and many have faced unforeseen challenges. As cloud target operating models are vastly different, it is important for companies to work alongside experienced Microsoft Cloud Service providers like Metaphor IT to guide your digital transformation to the cloud around proven strategies and approaches for Cloud adoption and/or migration of remaining and challenging workloads. Metaphor IT simplifies and removes the risk from your Azure migration to deliver cloud success for your organisation.

What’s included?

  • Strategic input into your business case for moving to the cloud
  • Insights into your applications architecture and dependencies
  • Right-sizing for all workloads for performance and cost optimisation
  • Clear migration and prioritisation plan
  • Clarity on TCO and monthly bills
  • Fast migration capabilities utilising supported tools and frameworks for each workload when utilising Metaphor IT’s Migration Services

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Assess | Strategy Overview

The initial step during the Analyse phase will be to discuss your requirements and discover your business and IT environment. Leveraging our agent or agentless toolset, your Application Platform and dependencies will be discovered in preparation for more detailed analysis. Additional workshops will be held to analyse our key pillars; Business Strategy, Application Architecture, Application Platform, Security, People, Process, and Governance and Operations.

During the Design phase all discovery and analysis data is processed to feed into the readiness assessment and strategy document. Each workload and dependencies are analysed for its technical characteristics, constraints and associated data, and processed into a compatibility and migration workflow. It is during this stage that we will hold additional Design Decisions workshops alongside key stakeholders to discuss specific workload recommendations. In certain scenario’s, we will also discuss possible proof of concepts where applicable.

During the assessment, additional requirements might arise that can be addressed by proof of concepts. These could be applications that require re-architecture or that require specific migration approaches. Applications could remain in the existing datacentre in a Hybrid capacity, refactored, replaced by SaaS or PaaS alternatives or re-architected for migration and optimisation.

Present and Review
Once the Cloud Strategy document is complete, Metaphor IT and key stakeholders will discuss the strategy document in detail and review the next steps available.

Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges. With 54 ever expanding regions, 70+ compliance offerings, and fast feature delivery, Microsoft caters for all your requirements now and in future. Whether migrating your datacentre to Azure or extending Azure to on premise using Azure Stack for a consistent Hybrid Cloud, it provides the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network.

Not sure Azure is right for your business? – Metaphor’s Cloud Readiness Assessments can be leveraged for general Cloud Readiness

Download: Metaphor Readiness Assessment