Secure Remote Access

The workplace is no longer defined by office walls, today’s workforce works from anywhere. Today’s always-connected workforce needs instant access to critical business apps and data from anywhere. IT administrators must ensure that their remote access solution is secure and keeps sensitive information safe. Many organisations protect their intellectual property and customer data by locking down the corporate network and turning to an SSL VPN solution for remote access. This approach extends the secured network to unsecured, remote devices, increasing risk rather than protecting against it. Metaphor IT combines virtual desktop technology with secure application delivery to ensure solutions that boast flexibility as well as maintaining security.

Providing secure remote access to essential enterprise applications and data has never been more challenging. In the past, IT teams only needed a way for a small subset of their users to securely access a handful of internal systems and applications, typically from corporate controlled devices. Today, an organisation’s secure remote access strategy must account for a much larger and far more diverse population of users and devices requiring highly reliable access to a much broader spectrum of resources.

In the modern work place, most users expect access to all the resources they need to remain productive, wherever they are and on whatever device they happen to be using. As a result, today’s organisations need a solution that not only delivers remote access for all users, devices, locations, applications and data, but also ensures a consistent, high-definition access experience and maintains the highest levels of security and data protection.

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