Do you have holes in your SOCKS?

Weird question I know! But what I mean is your Security Operations Centre (SOC).

SOC - Security Operations CentreSome organisations have a formal security operations centre – tightly secured areas where teams of dedicated analysts carefully monitor for threats around the clock. They have specialist analysts identifying possible signs of intrusion and compromise that may require a response by trained incident responders.

Unfortunately, most organisations can’t afford a 24/7 SOC. The cost of having well-trained analysts always onsite doesn’t seem like a good investment when most organisations don’t think they will be the target of a data breach. Instead, they either make do with an informal SOC comprised of a small number of staff who have many other duties to perform. Or they have no SOC at all and rely on utilising staff from other roles when required, meaning security events are not monitored on a regular basis.

The result of this can be damaging as there are major delays when responding to incidents, whilst other incidents go completely undetected for months and sometimes years. It is also highly unlikely that your employees can take the time to be proactive when looking for threats, so only made aware of an attack once it has happened. Then they need to efficiently and effectively respond, if they can, before it’s too late.

There is a solutionpeople, process, technology

If you are caught between the extortionate costs of a formal SOC and risks of inadequate protection from an informal SOC, then we have the solution for you: Metaphor IT’s Managed Security Service.

We have invested in people, processes and technology to create an efficient security operation that businesses of all sizes can utilise as their own. You can use our Managed Security Service in a variety of ways depending on your requirements:

  1. Fully Outsourced – This service is mainly used by our Fully Managed Support clients. Because we already know your IT environment inside and out, we monitor, detect and respond to all security events and will only contact you when required to help with any incident response efforts.
  2. Supplemental – This is a combination of your internal employees and Metaphor IT cyber analysts. This model offers cover for outside business hours or for escalation needs. We will monitor your environment and alert your internal team when there is a threat, so they can perform any remediation work using automated smart responses and runbooks.

What makes us different?

There are many companies offering a Managed Security Service using a diverse range of technologies. We are the only provider who implements a tiered approach to onboarding our clients, starting with the question “What is normal for your business?”. Tuning alarms using our tiered approach enables us to adjust rules in context with your business, whilst avoiding alarm fatigue.

You will find that other businesses will start by turning on all alarms and leaving you to cipher out all the noise and it could take several months before a baseline is created. Request our brochure below to read mroe about this.

Fix the holes in your IT Security

Based on our many years of experience, Metaphor IT can help you develop an IT Security Strategy and take the necessary steps to build a secure business network. We have a proven methodology that starts by assessing your organisation’s existing IT estate and capabilities through an IT Security Audit. From here we can design a solution and strategy based around your business priorities, time scales and any compliance requirements. Once any recommendations have been implemented, we will provide you with a continual security improvement plan to help you along the Security Maturity Model.

Choosing someone to manage your IT Security is a big decision, use a provider who understands your business and works in partnership with you.

To see how you can utilise Metaphor IT’s Managed Security Service, request a brochure or schedule a personalised demo of the platform.

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