Microsoft Sentinel Managed Security Service

Created for businesses of all sizes, Metaphor IT’s Managed Security Service is designed to enhance the security posture of your business, detecting threats in real time and significantly reducing the time to respond and resolve an incident. Using Microsoft’s Sentinel and Security Center platforms, our managed security service enables our team to deal with a cyber security incident with speed, enabling rapid containment through to eradication of the threat. We have designed our platforms, processes and systems to ensure that we can detect threats as soon as practically possible, enabling a quick response to prevent or reduce any potential impact.

Alongside Microsoft, our team of cyber analysts have built intelligent platforms which can identify unusual behaviour from both external and internal threats. It could be a new piece of ransomware trying to encrypt files in a bid to extort money, an employee trying to access and copy out data that is confidential, an advanced threat aimed at compromising your business or perhaps a phishing attack created to steal user credentials or financial information.

We have built automated, intelligent responses, that can immediately take action to stop a potential data breach or intrusion. Our platform monitors your systems 24 hours a day, ensuring that even when you are not working, someone is watching over your business, keeping it safe from threats.

We have been a leader in providing specialised IT Security Services in the UK for nearly 15 years and we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of the industry by developing and using innovative technology to protect our client’s data and reputations.

For more information on the services that we provide, please read through our online brochure.

Online Brochure

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