Rackspace and Metaphor IT – More than Friends with Benefits!

I’m in a marriage of convenience!

Ok, I’m not really but I certainly feel that way when I enter into a “partnership” with different vendors and suppliers. Good old Wikipedia defines a partnership as “an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate their mutual interests”. Sounds pretty good right? But how often does this actually happen?

I always think of a partnership as being of equals but in the IT industry it rarely seems to be the case. Maybe it’s because sales people get involved and their main focus is to enhance their own interest in advance of hitting targets and earning more commission! Too many times I see “partnerships” as a piece of paper that says that we will resell your software etc. or we will use you as our supplier. Partnerships in this market too often lack real collaboration and communication and are full of people trying to get the most out of them but unwilling to put anything in. It really is like being married just for the sake of it and not really caring about the other person.

Align your thoughts

Now, I’m pretty damn lucky in life and business in this respect (I have to say that as my wife will be reading this). In business I have some fantastic and genuine partnerships with our suppliers and vendors where we talk regularly, work collaboratively and are always joined up and aligned with our thinking. Don’t get me wrong, there is tension sometimes and disagreements but we work through them and so far we have always come out the other side. Citrix and LogRhythm are two vendors I would count as good partnerships, Azlan and Rackspace are another two.

Rackspace PartnershipIn fact, Rackspace published a case study this week describing how they have helped our business grow and how we have done the same for them

Read their case study here ⇒

Working in Harmony

The partnership with Rackspace is awesome. Our teams talk almost daily, we work from each other’s offices, both sales teams trust and respect each other and ultimately we win lots of business together. We pass each other leads and when we hit a problem, we work together to solve it.

I encourage all of our partners to work this way with us. You have to have a partner on the same wavelength to be able to achieve this and sadly I would say that we only have half a dozen proper marriages even though we have dozens of “partnerships” on paper. The “friends with benefits” is good fun for the occasional deal but those arrangements never last very long in my opinion.

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