Discount applied when you purchase our Managed Security Services

At Metaphor-IT, we pride ourselves on working hard with our clients to ensure that only the very best service is provided. We also like to look after our clients, and so, we would like to give you the opportunity to purchase our Managed Security Services at a discounted rate.

Cyber threats are evolving, often quicker than our protection capabilities. Determined, capable cyber criminals don’t concentrate their efforts on the organisations that are best equipped to defend against their attacks.

Metaphor IT has been providing managed security services and support to some of the UK’s largest businesses since 2002. As a trusted partner we work in unison with our clients, monitoring and managing every element of the security solution within their estate. Ultimately our goal is to ensure that our client’s assets are protected whilst keeping the end users experience consistent.

Metaphor IT understands that every client has unique requirements when it comes to designing, delivering, managing and maintaining the IT security of their business. We will take the time to understand your needs and priorities, applying our insights and expertise to deliver a bespoke solution. We will keep you informed of industry trends and developments and will work with you to execute your security policies to your best advantage.

Our security experts can provide a range of support services from third line support, specialist support of named technologies, onsite support resources or fully outsourced managed security services. Our Security Operations Centre can monitor your entire estate, providing continuous analysis, trending and identification of potential threats. Or we can work alongside internal IT teams to provide a critical and proactive line of defence against both insider and external threats.

Our Managed Security Service is designed to enhance the security posture of your business, detecting threats in real time and significantly reducing the time to resolve an incident.

The security market is very heavily geared towards point products or hefty perpetual license costs. Metaphor IT take an agnostic and strategic approach to security leveraging best of breed technologies that integrate to form an all-encompassing solution. We are unique in the security market place in providing our clients with consumption based commercial models for enterprise grade security solutions.

If you purchase our Managed Security Service before 31st January 2019, we will provide you with a significant discount on your contract price.