Strengthen your security for Cyber Monday

Whether a retailer or a consumer, if you are preparing for Cyber Monday, make sure you are vigilant of cyber threats.

Monday 27th November 2017 is Cyber Monday. For those that aren’t aware, Cyber Monday is a marketing term created to encourage consumers to shop online more. It started more than a decade ago at a time when web sales weren’t as popular as they are now and cyber threats weren’t as prevalent.

Cyber Monday originated in the US but has grown year on year in popularity in the UK, something that cyber criminals have picked up on. They are aware that cyber Monday brings increased levels of web traffic and decreased levels of cyber awareness as consumers are blinkered by their desire to grab themselves a bargain.

Retailers and consumers need to be aware of the risk of a cyber attack.

Retailers  Retail businesses will experience a short-term high rise in their web traffic which they could put down to demand for their product but could just as easily be an orchestrated attack designed to bring down the website. After all, this provides ideal cover for any cyber criminal to go under the radar when conducting their activities. Retailers need to assess their policies and processes in preparation for the day to ensure they can not only detect but also respond to a cyber threat and protect consumers data. Or the long-term cost of compromised data will outweigh any profits made on Cyber Monday.

Confused on cyber Monday

Consumers – In recent years, retailers have used the opportunity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to offer month long deals on their stock in a bid to win the lion share of sales. This means that consumers will experience an increase in marketing promotions hitting their inbox in the build-up and cyber criminals will see this as the perfect opportunity to see if their phishing emails can get through the net. Malicious emails and websites are becoming more sophisticated, realistic and successful in luring consumers to their sites to gain access to usernames, passwords, card details or downloading malware to their devices. Make sure that vigilance trumps the rush to click on an offer.

Businesses also need to be cautious as Cyber Monday falls when most staff are at work. So be wary that there may be copious amounts of internet usage at lunch time when employees rush to get that special Christmas gift.

Both retailers and consumers need to work together not only during this season but all year round to make sure they are taking precautions and mitigating risks.

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