Have you been thinking about Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365, a platform as we know it today has been running since June 2011 and is well established in the market place, it is centred around Microsoft’s push for cloud computing and centralised collaboration. Its origins are Microsoft’s initial attempt at Software as a Service (BPOS) which was aimed directly at the small business market as an email service and basic collaboration tool. I think it’s fair to say, take up was slow and on-premise solutions were the go-to solution for businesses. At the time, the much improved and talked about Exchange 2010 platform was arriving soon, meaning businesses had control of their email data in house and moving that away to the BPOS Exchange 2007 system was seen as a risk.

Why jump on the Microsoft Office 365 bandwagon?

Operation expenditure with a subscription model – Gone are the high capital expenditures of performance servers and associated licensing costs that On-premise Exchange requires. Many technical teams will have their own stories and woes from Exchange setup and maintenance trouble. Instead for a monthly fee you get a fully patched, redundant exchange server environment. One you don’t need to backup yourself, worry about powering or maintaining and auditing for rapidly depreciating fixed asset purposes.

office 365Microsoft server products for collaboration – SharePoint server is still one of the go-to products when an Internal Intranet site is needed. Skype for business, Instant Messaging and video conferencing are also familiar products for collaboration. With the higher business and enterprise plans you also get copies of Office for your desktops. This is easily manged and so easy to keep track of rather than managing TechNet, Volume and open licensing where most businesses get bogged down in where their licenses actually are and who is using them.

The other aspect that is fundamental to business owners is that it provides not only a robust system but also a familiar feel for anyone already in the Microsoft space. With Mac for office also in the offering it’s not just Microsoft houses that benefit from it.

At Metaphor IT, we champion Office 365 to all businesses, whether small or large as it’s completely scalable. Office 365 truly is an agile product as it can be used from any device with an internet connection. In today’s BYOD world, where not everyone has a fixed desk at work, manging business collaboration is a doddle from the senior execs to the frontline worker and the supporting IT teams.

Microsoft Office 365 SecurityBut what about security?

There are still sceptics of course. The largest of which will offer endless examples of the cloud being insecure and full of scary security risks. Or that companies loose access and control to their data as they are unable to see the box in the server room that deals with email. Security concerns are not always unfounded but security is what you make it.

Earlier this year, Microsoft brought together Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows into a single, always-up-to-date solution called Microsoft 365 – relieving organisations from much of the cost of multiple, fragmented systems that were not necessarily designed to be compliant with modern standards. Microsoft 365 users enjoy built-in security and compliance for the apps, services, and devices that they use every day. Microsoft has a long history of transparency, defence-in-depth, and privacy-by-design that enabled us to be the first enterprise cloud services provider to implement the rigorous controls needed to earn approval for the EU Model Clauses, the first to achieve ISO’s 27018 cloud privacy standard, and the first to offer contractual commitments to the GDPR.

When will you make the move to Microsoft Office 365?

Finally, I think a lot of businesses might be on board with the idea but the process to migrate and move to Office 365 just seems daunting or widely expensive; neither are true for Office 365. It has built in tools that allow initial synchronisation of data and the ability to put much in place without effecting business operation. With experts like Metaphor IT, the transition to Office 365 and the cloud is painless.

So what’s holding you up from Office 365? At Metaphor IT we embrace Office 365 and what it offers as we use it ourselves. It is modern, robust and easy to use. With thoughts of what’s happening with GDRP data protection laws and the IT landscape generally in 2018, now surely is the time to make the Move to Office 365 and see what cloud collaboration can do for business.

See how our professional services team can help simplify your move to Office 365 whilst also providing specialist support and help to manage the security of your solution.


Rick Meacham

3rd Line Engineer