We don’t use cloud

Talking to other IT professionals this week, a discussion point came up that I thought was very relevant. Business that refuse or are unable to accept using the cloud. Now the cloud is one of those buzzwords that at its core does not mean a lot but breaking it down its using IT services located on the internet to allow business and consumers to communicate and process anything needed in their day to day lives.

In the last few years, there has been a massive shift to offloading to the cloud and actually, I believe one of the main drivers here is consumers. Ten years ago, if you wanted to back up your photos at home you had to put them on a USB drive or print them out! No personal consumer would be buying NAS boxes or shipping drives off to storage! In the cloud age, we are used to putting our photos on Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Dropbox and other cloud services. We are used to Amazon and supermarket home shopping, Netflix for our TV and a cloud based world in the home for everyone six years old to sixty and beyond.

We have seen this shift in business too. Why? One reason I believe is this is that it’s straightforward for business leaders and financial controllers understand this model. They do it at home! For IT professionals like myself it is not only easy to explain cloud services but also cost them a subscription models. It already second nature to us.

This leads on to another aspect, why then are there business leaders (and techs for that matter) out there in the world refusing to use cloud? Proud of their on premise world or what we essentially know as private cloud these days. (Which I’m sure is another excuse to get the word cloud in somewhere!)

We have all heard the usual reasons, security, ownership, compliance. How can businesses still use these? Security – nearly every cloud provider offers MFA or multifactor authentication using password and token, txt or other method and are far stricter on password complexities.

  • Ownership – Data centres are military grade buildings that have layer upon layer of control. Is that broom cupboard with air conditioning in a business’s offices better than a Teir3 data centre just because you can go and look at it if you want to?
  • Compliance – most major providers have regions that guarantee data is stored in lawful borders and connections between your workers and the data can be secured with the very best SSL encryption easily. Microsoft Azure for example can be ITAR compliant with EXPRESSROUTE VPNs. This is one of the highest standards protects arms traffic management!

There are no more excuses. Only the truth that fear or opinion are the only real reasons left.

Finally, here is one major point that will give the more tech minded a chuckle. Every company in the world already is essentially Hybrid cloud already. What is hybrid cloud? Relying on some part of the internet along with on premise private cloud to achieve the business goals.

Every business has internet access and email. Even if a business has their own internal DNS they still need those to talk to the root DNS servers around the world to get to google. Cloud. Internal Email – how does that go? Internal servers need to talk to remote emails servers on the internet – in the cloud, to send that email. What about backups? Do private cloud business send backup tapes to Iron Mountain or another secure data holder? Well that is still a companies business data located elsewhere – essentially in cold storage, technically cloud too!

The truth is no business in the real world is even that closed off and most are already on the Office 365 cloud platform for email, collaboration and data exchange. Backup data inevitably arrives at some remote location not visible to the business owner too as a way to help mitigate disaster.
The cloud is here, it is now, it’s in our lives utterly from when we wake to when we sleep (fitbit sleep tracker anyone?) the cost, ease of use. Reliability and way of life mean that IT professional and companies alike must steer business of today and tomorrow on to this cloud efficiently and effectively and that’s what people like me do!

It’s easy to see I’m passionate about cloud and I could tell you a thousand other reasons why but don’t take my word for it engage with IT people, see the benefits, or better yet speak to us here at Metaphor IT.
I work in a like-minded team who can and will make the cloud journey painless and fruitful for the now and the always.

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