I’m Flying High and working in the Cloud!

So here I am, sitting on my British Airways flight from Jersey back to Gatwick. A frequent, fortnightly journey for me to see our clients and partner on the Channel Islands. As I look out the window at the clouds, I ponder what life was like before I started ‘working in cloud’ or using a Virtual Workspace.

The challenge I’ve had in the past when I’ve travelled with other companies is that I never have access to my IT systems, or if I do then it’s a horrible experience that makes me want to put pins in my eyes. But unashamedly I am going to boast about how easy it is working for a business that drinks its own champagne and enables me to work from anywhere in the world and on any device and on any connection (including no Internet connection at all). This is proper mobile working, being able to access the data and applications I need and utilising previously unproductive time. In years gone by I have sat in this very seat (OK maybe not this exact seat) reading the completely pointless in flight magazines and being pretty bored. Now I can write my blog posts, read the latest sales forecast, edit them and have it all saved back to the corporate network, onto a file share everyone can access, seamlessly. You have got to love technology.

Working in the cloud

Sat in the airport lounge, I was able to  connect into my Virtual Workspace (using clever Citrix technology which connects me back to the platform in any country) and have full access to all of our business systems including Sage and our HR system which are not yet SaaS based. I access everything from any device I choose so I’m not restricted to just using my corporate laptop. Which means I can get a full Windows desktop on my Apple device.

So why is it useful being able to work on the move instead of chilling out on the plane reading the latest perfume and Rolex adverts? When I travel, my work day is packed back to back with meetings which means I get a backlog of emails and actions and meeting notes I need to catch up on and the time in the airport and on the plane is ideal for this. It means that when I get home I can chill out and spend some quality time with my kids without that nagging thought at the back of my mind of knowing I have a load of things to catch up on or even worse doing the catching up and missing out on time with the kids.

My work life balance and my efficiency and productivity are all much improved by working smarter and it surprises me how few businesses work this way. They are probably working harder but working smarter is so much better in my opinion. I have less stress and I have more quality time with my family as I get to choose when and where I work, unconstrained by IT systems!

So if you want to work smarter or see how the technologies we use, can help improve staff productivity then please get in touch or learn more below.